Go Muskies!

Dear editor:
I am an older person and have to admit that I don’t really understand the game of football that well. But I do understand, and can appreciate, teamwork when I see it!
The young men on the Muskie football team should be commended for the way they all worked together as a true team! The older fellows seemed to be very protective–in a mentorship way–of the younger members of the team and you don’t see that too often anymore.
Winning is important to us–that’s why we play (and I hear that “losing sucks”). However, how you act after a loss shows just what you are made of!
It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a great show of sportsmanship as I’ve seen this team display every game that I attended.
The “never give up” attitude will do these young men well in their lives; however, it is the teamwork mentality and the caring about each other that, I hope, remains with them as traits we all should strive for!
My sincere congratulations, and appreciation, to every member of the Fort Frances High School Muskie football team. Have a great life, guys!
Kudos, as well, to a great coaching team! Go Muskies!
Lillian Morrison
Fort Frances, Ont.