Getting hosed

Dear sir:
Local #92 supported the Northern Action Group and Ontario Coalition for Social Justice’s “Unfit to Govern” campaign across Ontario on April 27-May 4.
Along with our national union, we encourage all Ontarians to review the slash-and-burn policies of the Harris/Eves Tory government policies.
The drastic cuts in welfare, education, labour rights, health care, and on and on have dramatically removed any compassion and caring for seniors, poor, disabled, and working men and women in this province.
The move to privatization alone will hit the pocketbooks of low- and middle-income workers, including those on fixed incomes and small pensions.
The Tories govern on the almighty dollar bill, giving huge tax breaks to the rich while devastating the poor.
We attended the “Unfit to Govern” workshop held in Fort Frances and were shocked at the devastating effects the Harris cuts have had on local people.
One major effect was the amount of stress these cuts have had on so many people in this and other communities where this workshop was held.
It is a tragedy that in a democracy where governments are elected for the overall good of all citizens, we find ourselves so often getting hosed. It is time to let them know we have had enough.
Yours truly,
Les Gosselin
President, CEP
Local #92