Get facts straight

Dear editor:
This letter is being written to correct some statements made during the recent televised mayoralty debate.
While I am not one wishing to broach the issue of the condominium project, our current mayor has decided he wants to take credit for selling the remaining units, which he claimed were half the total constructed.
This statement is untrue!
While a member of the previous council, I certainly voiced my displeasure over the financing of the project, but I was in no way opposed to the actual construction.
My memory probably is not what it used to be, but as I recall when our term was completed in 2003, there were four unsold condominiums remaining out of 32 and arrangements were put in place to ensure the others sold.
All have since been sold and there is a considerable property tax being realized by the town.
The mayor cannot take credit for the four sales.
We have, as well, been advised that if re-elected, our current mayor plans on building overpasses and all kinds of other capital projects. Council does not have the money for these projects.
The three major issues before council should be the local paper mill situation, local health care, and infrastructure (roads, water, and sewer).
Thank you for allowing me this space in your newspaper.
David M. Bourgeault
Fort Frances, Ont.