Games must stop

Dear sir:
By now, “the facts according to Gomery” are out. Most Canadians do not expect more than details in the second report and wonder what its value really is.
Clearly, the Liberal-initiated inquiry into Liberal behaviour simply wants us to believe that Paul Martin, the finance minister who provided more than $1 billion to pay for the sponsorship program, and dealt with hundreds of companies and individuals who ran it, knew nothing about it.
Gomery also wants us to believe that even though millions were stolen, nobody needs to go to jail.
The function of his second report (details about the scapegoats to be blamed) is to allow time for Canadians to forget about the first report—and for voters to be bought off.
Ken Boshcoff accuses the Opposition, trying to deal with this outrageous situation, of playing games. Who’s really playing games?
In just seven weeks since Oct. 1, Paul Martin announced $48 billion in spending or tax cuts. When his government was in trouble last spring, he made $32 billion in promises.
After Gomery’s first report earlier this month, the Liberals made an average of eight funding announcements per business day. That’s 88 announcements in 11 business days!
This game (the carrot) is expensive!
The other game being played (the stick) is the threat that if voters don’t allow Liberals to continue their disgraceful behaviour, all manner of needed programs will not be funded.
On the street, Ken Boshcoff’s Nov. 16 press release in the Fort Frances Times would be called a “shakedown” (i.e., vote up or we’ll break your knees).
But the worst game the Liberals are playing is pretending to govern even though they don’t have the confidence of the House of Commons. These games should stop.
If nothing else, please, let’s sweep the Liberal players off the field.
David Leskowski,
Kaministiquia, Ont.
Editor’s note: Mr. Leskowski once again is seeking to be the Conservative candidate for Thunder Bay-Rainy River.