Dear sir:
This is the first time I put my feelings on paper but here goes. It’s my turn now!
When I read in the paper the new sports complex was being called “Memorial Centre,” and Memorial Arena was keeping its name, I wondered why do we need two of them with same name?
It seems like you, the council, are fighting “Ice for Kids” all the way. Next you’ll be saying they can’t put up the “Wall of Fame” as it wasn’t your idea.
In the first place, you should have had a sign at the construction site saying “Future Home for ‘Ice for Kids’” (show a little bit of enthusiasm). Even the day you put those gold shovels in the ground, you didn’t look happy. This could have been a real momentous occasion if you, the council, were at least a little bit enthused, instead of thinking “we have to do this” (you could see it on your faces).
Besides, think of all the money coming into town, and staying here. If the parents of “Ice for Kids” didn’t fight the way they did for this rink, it wouldn’t have happened. Show them the recognition they deserve but I suppose you, the council, will take all the credit. As usual!
I just get frustrated with you, the people of Fort Frances, who sit back and crab and let things happen. Then when they do, you then think something should be done not only about the rink but other things.
You know, there ought to be more than one person (family) speaking out, as we always look like the bad guys. Just let them know your feelings even though they don’t like the truth. Voice your opinions; remember, “Freedom of Speech.”
I’ve talked to different people who just presumed the new ice surface would be named “Ice for Kids.” Also, why did council get to pick the name? It should have been up to a vote and let the town decide, not council. They’re the ones who gave the money.
“Ice for Kids” started this eight years ago. But council always puts them on the back burner. Even now, you don’t hear or see anything about “Ice for Kids” and the new rink. It’s all council’s doing.
Don’t let them do this to our children and grandchildren–do or say something.
Forget about the “52 Canadians Arena.” Forget about the past, which they don’t know anything about. Let our kids look to the new millennium named after them. Just use “Ice for Kids.”
Let the future be theirs, not the past.
Dede Egan,
A very agitated