Food for thought

Dear editor:
Build a new Customs facility, then have a traffic study? It certainly has a cart-before-the-horse ring to it. As most of you know, a traffic flow study before building the facility would have been more realistic.
Of course, there would have been no need for a traffic study at all had the second option of upgrading and putting a second floor on the existing—and reasonably new Customs building at the time—had been done.
However, that would have been too logical and besides, our MP, Mr. Nault, would not have seen his vision of a new Customs facility become a reality.
A number of citizens and groups voiced and/or otherwise had made known their concerns in regards to the traffic problems that would develop if the new Customs facility were to be built where it now is.
It seems that it has turned out as a case of we told you so.
The planning of this new Customs facility did not make any sense in the first place. Now, we have a new Customs facility in what used to be a business section of town, and is half-surrounded by our major industry.
One thing that we do have with the new Customs location is a very unique border crossing situation. Almost one million people per year will pass through a Canadian industrial business before they are even checked by Customs into Canada.
I doubt very much if anything would ever happen because of this nonsense, but as the saying goes, “It is food for thought.”
Thank you for the space in your paper.
Ron MacGregor
Fort Frances, Ont.