Fond memories

I was in the Fort last year. First time in 30 years. Our family headed west to B.C. in 1970, something my dad, Mel Tate, always wanted to do.
It was both interesting and disappointing as I walked the streets looking at my old high school, which looked boarded up. The park down by the lake looked a lot smaller, but the same slide was still there.
I went out the old King’s Highway and drove past our old place before I knew it. We had Tate’s Auto Wrecking. There was not much to see, though some of the old buildings were still standing.
But most important were the memories and the good times I had with friends and family. Over the years, I tried to make contact with some old school chums but I guess time was not on my side.
If some of my old school friends read this letter, it would be welcome if they could send an e-mail to
Fort Frances will always be home for me. I just hope that future changes are for the best.
Terry Tate
Williams Lake, B.C.
1-250 392-0705