Following Jesus

To the editor:
My name is Edith Jacqueline Agnes Aungiers Rawlins, born to Salvation Army parents in Halifax, N.S. two or three years before the Great Depression. My parents came from Glasgow and from Middlesboro, Yorkshire.
I was with five siblings, in the Salvation Army, in Truro, where we learned to “trust and obey.”
During the ensuing years, from the early 1940s until March 31, 2001, I became a soldier of Jesus Christ and enrolled as a member of the Salvation Army.
On that date, I became the last of my maternal family with a direct link with William Booth and my great-grandfather in starting the Salvation Army in that town.
Prior to this time, all six of us were taken across Prince Street, in Truro, to the Church of England (from which started the Salvation Army), where we learned the meaning of Jesus’ new commandment: “To love one another as I have loved you” and “to feed the poor and clothe the naked.”
The two leaders of the local Salvation Army, Capts. Angel and Marlene Sandoval, with the help of the whole district, do as Jesus told us to do.
I love the Lord. I love the Salvation Army. I love the officers here amongst us and I love all people.
Sincerely yours, with love from the one who calls himself the Root.
Edith J.A.A. Rawlins
Fort Frances, Ont.