Flawed bill

Dear editor:
Concerning Bill C-68.
This money-grabbing bill is very flawed, and showing no equity in its laws. Aboriginal people can go to their chiefs and get their guns registered and licenses to carry them.
I sent in my money 15 months ago for registration and licensing, and have only received my gun licence.
On inquiring about my registration tags, I was told when all guns are registered in Canada, I will receive my registration. I may be dead a long time by then.
Bill C-68 was designed to disarm the public and has nothing to do with crime control as any clear-headed person can see.
When I take my guns out hunting this fall, they will be open to confiscation as I have not got my registration. Only licence is to keep them in the house.
Why can’t we go to our nearest reserve chief and get our guns registered? It would save our government millions and be done promptly.
Allan Kielczewski