Fighting for rights

Dear editor,

The following is an open letter to Premier Doug Ford from North Bay Pride.

Dear Premier Ford:

North Bay Pride is writing to you to express our concerns over actions taken against the educational workers in the Province of Ontario, many who are members of our pride community.

As you know, people in the pride community has had a long history of fighting for their rights just to be who they are, and love who they love. Your actions of using legislation instead of collective bargaining is violating the charter of rights for folks who are educational workers. We know this is fact, by the history of previous governments who have in fact taken the same action against employees in the past which were challenged in court both provincially and federally, and the courts have stated this is a direct violation of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Mr. Premier, you told all of us in Ontario, you are for the people. We believe you are true to your word, so how is violating the charter be “for the people”?

You have also said you want to protect the children in schools, which we totally agree with you. However, do we not have to lead by example to protect the children? How is using a “bully” tactic leading by example? You have stood in front of these very children during wear pink day claiming that bullying is not accepted in our school system or anywhere in Ontario? What example are now you sending to our children?

We are asking you, Mr. Premier, to not violate the rights of education workers, return to collective bargaining, and lead by example for the many children and communities across Ontario.

North Bay Pride community supports collective bargaining and not violating the charter or rights and freedoms, especially with the history of many of us had to fight for the right to exist.

Again, please return to fair collective bargaining and let’s treat everyone with dignity and fairness.


Jason Maclennan
North Bay Pride