Festival thanks

Dear Editor,
I would like to take some space in your paper to thank the citizens from Fort Frances and the surrounding area who helped make our 79th Festival of the Performing Arts a wonderful success.
I also want to add a Huge thank you to our committee who work diligently from September to May.
Thank you, Marie, my co-chair for your hours of typing out schedules and changes to our syllabus and website.
Maureen, your hard work as treasurer and volunteer recruiter does not go unnoticed.
Dave, as past president your kindness and help has been much appreciated from all of us.
Thanks Gary J. and Gary W., our trophy guys, who hunt down trophies and get them looking pretty and ready to go for the Highlights Concert. Kudos to Joanne. Your Facebook expertise astounds me and it makes us look so current.
Heather, my drama girl-thanks for having my back by organizing the Drama schedule, reaching out to schools and also taking picture or two.
Tara, I’m so glad that you are in charge of hospitality because the adjudicators feel so welcome when they receive their treat bag and get to see the beautiful view from La Place Rendez-Vous.
Todd, we are very fortunate to have you helping us with our printing needs for the entire season. Your flexibility is appreciated.
Guy and Bruce, your willingness to jump in and help in anyway makes the co-chair jobs so much easier.
Kaela, thank you for your help as our new secretary in training, even though you had to do a few meetings long distance while at school.
I love the dedication that you all have for the arts. Now to celebrate our 80th–but take a little break first!
Cynthia Donald