Feeling ‘milked’

Dear sir:
With reference to your story concerning the dropping loonie, I have been a seasonal visitor to your country for the past 30 or so years. I have always been treated courteously at Customs and by the people with whom I have had contact while visiting there.
One of the things that’s always been a source of aggravation to me is that the fishing camps and outfitters—almost without exception—require payment be in American dollars.
I know the reason for this being the case. But it conveys to me the sense that some Canadians are trying to “milk” tourist for every penny they can.
I wonder how many of these outfitters would require payment in American dollars if the rate of exchange were reversed. Are Canadian patrons of the fishing camps and outfitters required to pay in American dollars?
I know I am not the only visiting sportsman that feels this way.
Respectfully yours,
Donald G. Brister