Feeling left out

Dear sir:
Hi! My name is Holly Olson. I will be 14 in March. I go to Robert Moore School, where I’m in grade eight.
I have a disability called muscular dystrophy (MD). I’m in a wheelchair and in the summertime, I like to ride my bike, thanks to my friends at Robert Moore School.
Sometimes I like to go shopping uptown like other teenagers. But I can’t go shopping because I found out the sidewalks are not all wheelchair accessible. Some stores on Scott Street also have a step to go up into them, and I can’t get my wheelchair up it.
In some stores, it is not easy to move around in my wheelchair because shelves and racks are too close together.
I remember one time I went shopping with my mom and sister, I had to wait outside of a store because my wheelchair wouldn’t fit through the door.
That made me feel sad—and mad—all at the same time.
I know there are other individuals in our community who also are in a wheelchair. I have three friends who can’t go bowling with me on Wednesdays after school because there’s no ramp to get up the steps there.
I go bowling because my worker is able to bump, bump, bump me up the steps, and then down again after bowling.
As an individual in a wheelchair, I would like to challenge all the store owners and managers in our community to go to work for a day in a wheelchair. I bet some of them wouldn’t be able to get in their stores!
Good luck!
Holly Olson