Favouritism abounds

Dear editor,
In comment to the article in last Wednesday’s paper, “Emo Speedway now forced to reduce driver payouts,” Sonny Ferris is complaining about low attendance in the stands and about the lack of interest surrounding the Emo Speedway.
Well, at one time, racing was a fair sport in which it was fun to take your family and friends to the track and enjoy. It used to be a fun and fair track for racers to race at. Now we find that if you’re not a favourite racer or a relative of someone, then forget how well you do because there is favouritism for certain racers. Many people have stopped attending races in disgust over this fact, and actually walked out of the stands in the middle of a race because of the unfairness of the flagman and others.
In fact, there are many racers that are more than willing to stop racing here and go elsewhere to race if things don’t change at the Emo Speedway.
Now Mr. Ferris, take this into consideration and do something about it, instead of whining about it. It is happening right in front of your face and the answer is right there, too!!
D. Thompson
A fan of Hibbing Raceway)