Extraordinary ordinary people

Dear sir:
Every now and then, an ordinary person produces something extraordinary. This was revealed this week with the release of the Rainy River Centennial Cookbook.
It really is an exceptional work with not only many tried and true family favourites, but it is put together in a fashion that’s truly poignant and with recipes to nourish your soul as well as your body.
The introduction, “Our Town,” an essay by Garnet Kee, while a little dated captures the true essence and flavour of what our town was and continues to be.
The two opening recipes—“A Happy Home Recipe” submitted by Susan Desjardine in memory of her mother, Pearl, and “Thank God for Dirty Dishes,” a poem submitted by Thea Sinninghe—both hit the nail on the head about how fortunate we are to live where and how we do.
Leafing through the book, it fell open to page 409, at the foot of which was a quote by Sam Ewing, “Nothing is so embarrassing as watching someone do something that you said couldn’t be done.”
How telling of an attitude we hear all too often by those in the coffee shop eager to criticize but unwilling to rectify.
The most remarkable part of this book, however, is the person responsible for conceiving, believing in, and, most importantly, doing the bulk of the work. Yes, there were others who supported and contributed, but this work really stands as a result of the drive and determination of one individual.
We owe her a debt of gratitude
Thank you, Tiffany (Murray) Burbeck—an extraordinary, ordinary person.
Yours truly,
John H. Elliott
Rainy River, Ont.