Explanation sought

Michael J. Baranowski

Dear editor:
I have read the “Letters to the Editor” section since the Fort Frances Times was located where the Canada Customs entrance is today and right across from the Empire Hotel that was demolished and replace by the tourist information bureau.
I believe that the “Letters” section was for the Fort Frances Times’ customers to express their views on complaints, congratulations, and any subject that they want the public to read.
At times, I have seen the section added on the opposite page but not one letter was published in the last two weeks. Is it because people have stopped writing or is it that lack of space is the answer?
One of my recent letters to the editor was missing two-thirds of the message I wrote with regards to bass tournament sites, which only indicates that the space is limited.
Maybe the editor-in-chief can explain the reason for this situation in regards to a “section” that belongs to the “customers” of the Fort Frances Times.
Michael J. Baranowski
Nestor Falls, Ont.