Exceptional students

Mrs. C. Bruyere

Dear editor:
As I begin preparing my classes for the upcoming year, I cannot help but reflect on the remarkable group of graduates who exited Fort Frances High School in June.
Whatever the venue (arena, court, stage, classroom, or community), the class of 2009 repeatedly distinguished itself as exceptional during its four years at FFHS. These students will be missed not only by their deservedly proud parents, but by the teachers and students who benefitted from their personal integrity and positive mentorship.
Among these future leaders was a group of academics (Advanced Placement English students) whose accomplishments, though of course not recognized by cheering or applause, required as much hard work and dedication as any team sport or theatrical production.
I would like to give them a bit of the credit they deserve by mentioning them here: Lauren Davis, Heidi Emond, Eric Gustafson, Owen Harrison, Delaney Johnston, Miranda Kellar, Jamie Petrin, Sarah Pruys, Steven Romaniuk, Heather Sieders, and Felicia Schmutz.
For those unfamiliar with the AP program, students may choose to enrol in an ENG4U course specifically-designed to prepare them to write the Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition Exam.
The AP program, administered by the U.S. College Board, is an international co-operative educational endeavour between secondary schools and universities that affords students the opportunity to take university level courses, and receive university credits, while in high school.
The course is run as a first-year university seminar class. Participants earn their Grade 12 credit in the first semester and then continue weekly lunch tutorials until they write the AP examination in May.
This standardized assessment, marked by the same institution that grades the LSAT and MCAT exams, assesses both aptitude and endurance as its participants are required to respond to multiple choice questions for 60 minutes and then, in the remaining two hours, respond to two essay prompts based on sight passages and one that allows them to use a novel or play of their choice.
Our students’ resounding success on the 2009 exam clearly demonstrates their remarkable aptitude and endurance.
For the past two years that these bright and creative individuals have participated in the AP initiative, Grades 11-12, they have met for hours of lunch and after-school tutorials, read reams of poetry and prose fiction, and have demonstrated their percipient insights in thought-provoking written and oral compositions.
At this time I would like to recognize, praise, and thank the students of ENG4U1-13 for their hard work and dedication.
I also would like to recognize students James McInerney and Shaun Magill who, although not in the class, continued to participate in tutorials and the AP Exam, as well as the students who completed the pre-AP tutorials and summer readings, but were unable to take the class because of timetable conflicts.
You are all exceptional.
Mrs. C. Bruyere
Languages Department
Fort Frances High School