Equal treatment needed

Dear sir:
Last week I had the pleasure of working with Ted Menzies, the Conservative critic for international trade.
Why should our region care about international trade? A manufacturer in our region has stopped shipping product because raw materials are stuck on a dock in Vancouver during a labour dispute.
Ted’s discussions with the port in Thunder Bay revealed opportunities for permanent solutions, including expanding their ability to handle containers, and new business for railways in Northwestern Ontario handling containers.
In Ottawa, on our behalf, he also will be challenging costs the Canadian government adds to our port’s operation—costs that other countries know are unfair.
As a grain farmer for the past 30 years, Ted met personally with local grain handlers and knows our facilities first-hand. His message to the House of Commons is clear: Ontario deserves treatment equal to that received by Manitoba and Quebec.
He and representatives of the forestry industry know we don’t need a new committee to act on opportunities to lower energy costs and remove unfair tariffs.
Discussions with Bombardier produced awareness of sales opportunities in Alberta, and Ted’s efforts to secure fair trade agreements with Asian countries that would benefit our region.
Ted publicly revealed how Alberta benefits from low-cost energy produced by clean-burning coal, and reported on the Conservatives’ status in U.S. courts dealing with sanctions against beef exports—status that was not pursued and, therefore, not achieved by our Liberal government.
Workers, families, and industry in Northwestern Ontario should know that this MP is working overtime with me on their behalf.
The record of our MPs sadly does not show the same effort. Their time is occupied pursuing a radical social agenda, expanding bureaucracy, forming committees, making empty promises, and dealing with scandal.
David Leskowski.
Kaministiquia, Ont.
Editor’s note: David Leskowski is the Conservatives’ candidate of record for Thunder Bay-Rainy River.