Enjoyable Christmas

David Fontana

Dear editor:
I am writing this letter to say thank you to the people in Fort Frances and surrounding communities, in particular those who are volunteers.
Words alone cannot express to you how much the residents here at Rainycrest appreciate those people who volunteer their time to come here to entertain us.
For example, the cantata that sang here a couple of weeks ago was just excellent. In fact, I know that their singing was so beautiful that it brought tears of joy to some residents’ eyes.
Another selfless act, demonstrating the true meaning of Christmas, was when a group of family members took time out of their own Christmas Day to come down here and sing some carols for all of us.
I also would like to mention that when I say volunteers, I’m referring not only to the actual performers themselves, but also those people who help residents attend these functions.
These people help with transporting us to and from these events, as well as providing us with refreshments and snacks. This takes away from their own busy schedules.
Christmas celebrations around here would not have been as enjoyable had it not been for the numerous volunteers.
Another group of individuals that I believe also deserve some recognition right now are all the staff members here at Rainycrest. For if it was not for their support and dedication to their jobs, these events would be almost non-existent for us to go and see.
Some of these jobs include the kitchen staff who prepare our snacks and our refreshments, the floor staff for chaperoning and giving out refreshments and snacks during these functions, and the housekeeping staff for cleaning up after these events were over.
Of course, I also would like to mention the administration here at Rainycrest. For if it was not for their support and help, it would have been impossible to bring these events here at all for us to attend.
Once again, I would like to reiterate to all the people how enjoyable you have made this Christmas for all us residents here at Rainycrest.
Thank you, all of you, oh so much!
David Fontana
Resident of