Enjoy the moment

Dear editor:
As we are now into the Spring Break of district schools, please permit me to go back to the happenings of last week. No less than four of our sports teams (three from Fort Frances and one from Atikokan) left the district to compete in provincial playoffs.
In addition, more than 100 high school band members and friends left on an extended trip to Germany and Austria. They will play concerts at the Parliament Buildings in Bonn, the Government Building in Munich, and the Canadian Embassy in Vienna.
What makes these events (and there are others) so significant is that at the present time some Ontario high schools are totally bereft of extra-curricular activity. There is just nothing “extra” happening.
So it’s a tip of the hat to our teachers, volunteers, parents, and administrators whose unselfish efforts allow these important events to become highlights i the lives of students.
And let’s not forget a very caring and generous community.
I am not so naive as to think these particular events make perfect schools. They don’t. But they do show a spirit of co-operation, adventure, and an ability to meet and conquer challenges through a total team effort.
Next week, teachers and students will be back in school and working to improve those test results. But for now, let’s enjoy the moment.
Gord McBride
Chair, RRDSB