Earning an A+

Dear sir:
Let me begin by thanking you (the Times) for featuring an article in last Wednesday’s paper on the students working in the high school cafeteria as part of a Special Education program.
It is always gratifying (especially for a teacher) to read an article about how well students are performing in a new program in their school.
The students are indeed doing an outstanding job, and this particular program is exceeding even our expectations at this stage. However, I thought people might be interested in “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey would say.
In a nutshell, the Special Education Co-op Program in the cafeteria at Fort Frances High School is the result of an initiative taken by two insightful individuals interested in providing a more comprehensive program for a number of our students at Fort High, and doing it in such a way that it benefits others–in this case, the whole school.
These two individuals are Terry Ellwood, principal of FFHS, and Donna Kowalchuk, co-ordinator of Student Services. They will not take credit but I believe, as many do, that without their insight and determination, this practical and yet so meaningful program would not have become a reality.
Two other individuals who have become an integral part of this excellent and beneficial program are Kathy Cuthbertson (whom you mentioned in your article), the lady in charge of the cafeteria, and Joyce McCormick, Special Education assistant in charge of the students’ daily routine in the cafeteria. Every winning team has a good coach, and like all good coaches, Joyce (everyone will tell you) means business.
And there are others who contribute daily to the “life” of this Special Education program.
How do I know all this, you may ask? I work with these people every day and believe me they mean business. You can ask anyone in the school these days about the cafeteria and everyone will give you thumbs up!
Again, thank you for the article and BRAVO to the students and cafeteria staff for their team effort, and to those insightful individuals who saw fit to go a little beyond the norm and make it all happen.
You get an A+ from staff and students at Fort High.
Yours truly,
Norm Guenette