Dream come true

Velma Blo

Dear Editor,
Last Monday (June 21), I was one of the many happy people to attend the grand opening of our lovely new library.
It is truly fit for the 21st century. I as so surprised to see such a large crowd. It was really awesome to see so many happy people there.
I have disabilities which made it hard to get into the old library. It is so great to have a library that I can get into with no difficulty.
For one thing (and very importantly), there is lots of disability parking, and lots of regular parking.
Also, there is easy access to the washrooms.
Another thing—there is lots of lights and lovely sitting areas. It is so relaxing.
Now it’s so exciting to be able to visit the library, to rent movies, look over the wide assortment of books, and all other services offered to seniors.
I never thought I would live to see this day. I’m certain I am not the only senior to say this.
I wish to say thank you to Joyce Cunningham and Mark Kowalchuk for a beautiful dream and holding onto that dream and never letting go no matter all the obstacles you faced.
Thank you Joyce and Mark and all the other people who made Sincerely,
A loyal patron
Velma Blom