Don’t walk on ski trails

Dear Mike,
We have a problem at the Rainy Lake Nordic Ski Club trails at Rocky Inlet. Somebody is walking on our ski trails quite regularly.
This appears to be two people, one with large feet and one with smaller feet, and a dog. These people are walking down several of our groomed ski trails at least a couple of times each week.
They have been out in the past 18 hours; the trails were groomed to perfection yesterday [Monday]–a task taking many hours of volunteer labour–and that work has been ruined by walkers on the trail.
I like to imagine these people don’t realize that the trails are not meant for walking, however, our bold sign that states “Please do not walk on groomed ski trails” is quite clear.
Just in case there is any question, the wide swaths of packed and smoothed snow, with either one or two sets of tracks for skiing, are ski trails. Please note that even the section without tracks is used for skiing.
Walking in the tracks leaves holes that could catch a ski or a pole, and this easily could result in injury. The holes also detract substantially from the skiing experience as this makes skiing rough and much more difficult.
Finally, it seems disrespectful to the volunteers who labour on our behalf to provide a great skiing experience.
Please, please do not walk on our ski trails! We ask that instead you walk on the snowshoe trails. These are well-packed and designed for your enjoyment.
Won’t you help us ensure there is pleasurable trail for skiers and walkers alike?
JoAnne Formanek
President, Rainy Lake
Nordic Ski Club
P.S. On a related note, we kindly ask that users do not bring dogs to any of the trails in the winter.