Don’t move senior centre

Dear editor,
The only negative comment councillor Wendy Brunetta heard on Oct. 5 at the open house to convince seniors it was a good idea to move from the centre of Fort Frances to 1150 Portage Avenue in the north end was location?
I’m glad she at least heard one comment. I was there and there were plenty of negative comments, some of which I will list.
The place is way too big for our needs.
Two offices? I never see any office workers.
I know of one person who would use the office where we are now at the senior centre.
Two pool rooms?
I’ve never seen more than six or eight people playing pool at a time.
I attended the open house and let me tell you, if you have claustrophobia it’s not a good feeling standing under and looking up at those ceilings that are daycare height. That place was built for children, not 75 year olds.
Walls and doorways are everywhere, not conducive to people pushing walkers or being in a wheelchair.
There did not appear to be a room large enough to accommodate a big group of people for a meal such as was served to 80 people in July at the centre, all sitting together. We seniors like that.
I’m there three afternoons a week for four to six hours–depending on lunch–to play cards. Pretty much the same people attend all the time.
We welcome anyone who wants to join us–the more, the merrier. We have a lot of fun.
The card players might be the people who spend the most time in the centre.
We don’t want to move. We like the location and love the building; it’s bright and cheery. We have told the board as much.
Our impression of giving our input seems to be falling on deaf ears.
It doesn’t seem to matter what we want or where we want to be, other people are going to decide because they think they know better.
Coun. Brunetta stated in the paper that the committee is just gathering the facts at this time.
Well, the fact is I know at least 50 people who attend the senior centre weekly for their social life and want to continue to do so at 401 Nelson Street.
It was built there to be convenient for seniors, with shopping downtown people attending from Columbus Place, and the clinic and hospital nearby to use.
Thank you,
Margaret Bartel
Fort Frances, Ont.