Disturbing article

To the editor:
I found much of the article in yesterday’s Daily Bulletin, “Council set to fill vacancy tomorrow,” rather disturbing.
First, there is no bylaw in this town to address the proper procedure to follow in the event of the passing or resignation of a member of council. With such a bylaw in place, the debate never would have occurred.
Second, the mayor’s rant about the “old boys’ club.” Third, the intimation that the lack of the mayor’s participation in one of the votes suggesting to my eyes that he was sulking.
I have belonged to a number of groups and organizations, and even the smallest group had a successor clause in its constitution. The fact that this town has no such clause after all these years says something about our leaders, past and present.
I would venture to guess that this will be addressed in the near future. The fact that we do not have such a clause did, on the bright side, led to a healthy debate.
Unfortunately, our mayor does not appear to appreciate this sign of democracy in council. In the end, a vote was taken. Whether or not you agree with the outcome, I think democracy was served.
The mayor’s participation in the vote should have been a non-issue. As the facilitator/moderator of the meeting, his vote, under most rules of order, would have been sought only to break a tie and then he would have been required to vote in the negative.
Unfortunately, the lack of proper direction has forced the former council and mayoral candidates to make some momentous decisions in a very short time.
As residents, we can only hope that everyone concerned makes the correct decision.
Sincerely yours,
Robert Dakin
Fort Frances, Ont.