Dear editor:
I have been in Fort Frances since 1997. I have been impressed with the calibre of talent at the Fort Frances Times, as evidenced by what you have chosen to publish day after day.
However, I am compelled to let you know that I am disturbed by the recent publication of the photo of the wreckage of an accident that occurred earlier this month that unfortunately claimed the life of one of our own.
On the day that it occurred, I drove past and was horrified and worried at what I saw. I couldn’t imagine what these people went through at the time of the accident.
Then I heard that someone had posted a picture on Facebook, so I sent off this Facebook rant:
“Just a reminder . . . we had a fatality here in town in a horrible vehicle collision. It’s impossible to miss the wreckage because the main street is still taped off. It’s nauseating to look at.
“Someone posted a photo of this on Facebook today. Seriously???? Where was the part of the brain that makes sense when that happened? Please tell your friends and teach your children some respect for one another with regard to social media.
“Someone died in that collision . . . the day before Mother’s Day. Do you think anyone wants a reminder of how horrific their loved one’s last moments on Earth were? What if the next of kin had not yet been notified and they find out something so horrible on Facebook!!!!
“Please have some courtesy, some thought process, some common sense, and a heart. Think about what you post. Karma can be just as cruel.
“Amen, and may she rest in peace. Prayers to her family.”
I followed that up with a comment, “I certainly hope the newspapers don’t even think of putting a picture in. They wouldn’t, would they?”
But there it was [on page 3 of the Monday Daily Bulletin].
I understand you need to print what is newsworthy, as such a tragic accident in town was, but to add the picture? Now the loved ones of this lost soul can be reminded forever of the horror that the vehicle occupants, and anyone involved in the accident, endured.
If you want to capture the story, go and photograph the pink ribbon lovingly tied around the pole, with the flowers placed beneath, in respectful remembrance of a loved one now gone.
In future, I would prefer not to have someone’s fatal tragedy in my face when I open the newspaper.
Report the story, of course, but photos? No thank you.
Thank you in advance,
Danette MacIntyre
Fort Frances, Ont.