District is ill-prepared

Dear Mike:
Currently, if you or a loved one requires the services of the police and/or paramedic service in Rainy River District, you need to just make the call.
However, if you require the fire and rescue service and make the call, there may be no fire and rescue service available to respond!
All organized communities in Rainy River District have a fire and rescue service. As well, some unorganized townships, such as Watten Township, currently have a volunteer fire service but their fire service is grossly underfunded because of a lack of financial support!
I recently attended a motor vehicle crash up Highway 502 in the wee hours, along with the OPP as well as the paramedic service, which is stationed in Fort Frances.
The Fort Frances Fire and Rescue Service also attended the motor vehicle crash because Highway 502 is a marked provincial roadway.
However, had the motor vehicle crash happened off Highway 502, such as the unmarked provincial roadway that services the cabins on Crow Rock (Rainy Lake) or the Cedar Narrows Road, the OPP and the paramedic service would had responded but no fire and rescue service would have responded!
The area in question is unorganized; it doesn’t even qualify as an unorganized township.
The OPP and the paramedic service basically are mandated by the province and/or district to respond. So, if you or a loved one is ever involved in a motor vehicle crash on any of these unmarked provincial roadways, and are trapped, the OPP and the paramedic service will respond, but no fire and rescue service will!
Imagine, if you will, the chilling outcome if you and/or a loved one is trapped.
These unmarked provincial roadways are just mere examples in our district where there is no available fire and rescue service response; this is the current situation we have in a place we call home!
So why is there no fire and rescue response capability to unmarked provincial roadways in areas that are in an unorganized area with no fire and rescue service?
The answer is: there is no operating authority for a fire and rescue services to respond; fire and rescue personnel are not covered from a liability standpoint.
Now, the Atikokan Fire & Rescue Service still may be venturing to similar areas in question. But if they are, they are doing so with no operating authority from the Province of Ontario.
So what has to happen to fix the current situation—to prevent our district from being so ill-prepared? For starters, the province needs to step up to the plate in the interest of all people who live and travel these unorganized areas.
To the people of Rainy River District, as well as to the leaders of our communities­­, what are your thoughts and response to the current situation?
Who will you share this chilling information with?
Tyler J. Moffitt,
Emergency Responder,
Fort Frances, Ont.