Disgusting ‘trophy’

To the editor:
Last Tuesday (Oct. 11), I had a disturbing shock when I witnessed a truck and utility trailer travelling past Tim Hortons with a severed moose head mounted at the truck’s roof.
How absolutely disturbing and disgusting this show of “I am the mighty hunter!” The only thing that comes across is the stupidity of some so-called outdoorsmen.
I understand the reasoning behind the hunt, however, this idiotic idea of having to show the world something so appalling is completely insensitive and unnecessary.
Those of us who do not participate (and even those who do, but have the sense not to flaunt such disturbing scenes), I’m sure, do not wish to be subjected to such inappropriate “machoism.”
I truly believe this behaviour should be discouraged and disallowed by the Ministry of Natural Resources. The majority of non-hunters, I believe, do not appreciate witnessing such displays of trophies.
Do these so-called sportsmen not realize they jeopardize this privilege by stirring up the anti’s fervour? Hopefully, these imbeciles will understand the reasoning behind this observation; however. . . .
Thanks for this space in your paper.
Nadia Hedman
A proud member of
the O.F.A.H. and the
F.F. Sportsmen’s Club
P.S. I saw the same “clown” again today (Oct. 12) still parading his prize—24 hours later!