Disgraceful actions

Dear sir:
During the past week, my brother, Arthur, and his bride, Maureen, visited Fort Frances from Calgary, Alta.
I had not seen my brother in 30 years, and it was wonderful having them stay with Sunny and me at our home while they were en route to eastern Ontario.
On Sunday (Sept. 19), as part of a tour of the town, we went through the cemetery off Colonization Road. We were raving about how beautiful the flowers on the gravesites were (we are of the opinion there are none to equal them anywhere).
But when we arrived close to the location where our son is buried, we found a large area of the grass had been torn up—obviously the result of someone in a vehicle driving in circles with violently spinning wheels.
At one location, the vehicle dropped into the soft earth of a gravesite of a recent burial. A considerable amount of effort was necessary to free the vehicle.
Looking at the freshness of the marks, it would appear they occurred during an earlier part of the weekend.
I cannot begin to suggest what motivates a person, or persons, to act in such an irresponsible manner. I can say, however, my wife and I, as well as our guests, were greatly upset.
There is no excuse for vandalism. It is not funny, but then neither is facing criminal charges for a few moments of stupid actions.
Cecil R. Duffy
Fort Frances, Ont.