Discuss views

Dear editor:
I have never written a letter to the editor but the attempted character assignation of Sen. Lynn Beyak prompts me to do so.
When everyone thinks alike, no one is thinking. This is nothing short of a mob lynching.
Let’s start with the first attack on Sen. Beyak. She stated that there had been “some” good as a result of the residential schools. She did not say there was “none.”
According to Webster’s dictionary, the definition of “some” is “being a unspecified quantity or number” while the definition of “none” is ” not any.”
Why is it that there are those who can’t understand the difference between “some” and “none.” Is not learning to speak English, and having an education, not a benefit and a good result?
What is happening now, in the name of political correctness, is the herd instinct to attack when the victim is deemed to be down.
Now for the second attack. Sen. Beyak wrote a long letter of support of indigenous rights with several recommendations. I emphasize the word support. While you may not agree with all of the recommendations, they are well worth the study.
It appears there are those who choose to ignore the complete letter with the exception of one suggestion. You profess to believe in free speech but when you do not agree, you attack.
Controversy needs discussion, not being attacked or thrown out. Political correctness is going to kill us if you put a gag on resolving indigenous issues.
Sen. Beyak is in a position of knowledge. She has lived in a small community with a residential school and communities with high indigenous populations.
Not unlike some who attacked her, she is a voice in the wilderness and her views need to be discussed, not dismissed.
Yours truly
Glenn Rawlings
Atikokan, Ont.