Dear sir:

“What kind of northerner doesn’t have a FAC and hunt?”
Well, I can tell you, Mrs. Beyak. The kind who loves to camp and hike in our beautiful part of Ontario without carrying a firearm. The kind that has raised their children to respect other people’s beliefs, ethnicity, and personal interests even if they are different from their own.
The kind that respects the right of others to hunt for sustenance, and yes even recreation.
I find it rather disconcerting, especially with the recent tragedies that have occurred both in Canada and the United States, that a former school trustee and a hopeful parliamentarian would put so much importance in owning a FAC and being a hunter.
Since when does owning a firearm measure a person’s place in society or enhances their ability to run for public office?
I can only hope Mrs. Beyak shoots straighter than she talks.
Jack Cameron