JoAnne Formanek Gustafson

Dear editor:
I’m glad to hear the “Friends of Animals” once again is active in our community after having been silent for some time.
The unfortunate reality is that pets often are abandoned, neglected, unwanted, and unappreciated. I strongly feel that all pet owners show spay or neuter their pets in order to decrease the population of homeless animals.
The decision to bring a pet into your home is a huge responsibility that warrants a lot of thought, planning, and a commitment to provide the care that the animal will need for a lifetime.
This is not a decision to be made lightly.
After seeing an ad for a female lab for adoption, it was disappointing to call the number listed to hear a voice message inform me that the “mailbox is full” and that I should “hang up the phone.” I would have liked to inquire about this dog.
I suppose this reflects the reality that “Friends of Animals” is a volunteer organization with few volunteers and limited time. I just hope it doesn’t mean the dog will remain homeless because nobody is able to leave a message inquiring about her.
If “Friends” is unaware of this, perhaps my letter appearing in your newspaper (as soon as possible) will bring out this fact.
Thank you,
JoAnne Formanek Gustafson
Fort Frances, Ont.