I lived in Fort Frances until 1962, when I left for the U.S. Army. I return about every two years to see my sister, Edna Lambert.
Since I left, I have seen a lot of changes, all for the good, and I am still proud of being of the Fort. But I just spent two weeks there and was really amazed I couldn’t find one T-shirt with Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada on the front of it.
All I could find was T-shirts with Canada across the front of them. People knew I was in Canada, but not the town I was in.
I went to the Emo Speedway and found T-shirts with Emo, Ontario, Canada on the front of it them. I know Fort Frances is much larger than Emo yet they are promoting their town.
I could not believe the souvenir shops do not carry this type of shirt. I finally had to buy T-shirt from Diane’s and had her put Fort Frances, Ont., Canada, which she did a outstanding job.
I have never been so disappointed in my old home town as I was then.
Thank you,
Leonard A. Hickey
112 Circuit Dr.,
Riverside, R.I., USA
By the way, the riverfront really looks great.