Dear editor:
One year ago, July 31st, a young man was murdered for no apparent reason.
Who was he? His name was Nathan McDonald and he was sixteen years old. What kind of sentence do you think the guy who killed him received?
He received a six year sentence, he will most likely only serve a third of his time. The guy who killed Nathan was twenty-two. Why didn’t he get a longer sentence?
He did after all take a person’s life. How would you feel getting a call saying your relative or even a friend is dead, killed by someone who has already murdered?
Nathan was a friendly person, probably friends with almost everyone who knew him. I’m sure a lot of these people are thinking about him at this time and missing him.
Can you imagine the pain his family is suffering?
I don’t think it’s fair that the people who killed him (Joseph Terriault and Tara George) were able to plea bargain for lighter sentences. They should have been given harsher sentences.
Stephanie Buckshot