Desperately seeking Ford

The following is an open letter to Doug Ford from Queer Vote 2022, which is organizing a debate using questions from LGBT and other marginalized communities.

Dear Mr. Ford,

We have been reaching out to you for months now, asking you to participate in a debate which has questions from various communities across Ontario. These questions come from people not organizations. These questions come from all communities in Ontario, yet you have not even had the courtesy of responding. Why?

We have asked you to join a leaders debate since before 2018, we even offered for you to set the date of the debate we wanted to organize, yet we get silence. Why? When FONOM called you to participate in their debate, you quickly said yes. When TVO asked you to participate in the debate they were offering, you again quickly said yes. But we get silence. Why?

Is it because Queer Vote is the organizer, or that many Pride Organizations in Ontario are supporting this debate? This is not just about the Queer Community, its about all communities.

We call, we email, we text and call your campaign Manager Kory Teneycke, to get no answers. Why? Other parties have confirmed their participation, but you stay silent. You said you are about the people; how can you be Premier without talking to the people. We just want to create a better Ontario but to do that we need to be heard too. You answer other organizations like FONOM but we get silence.

We do not know what else to do to get a response from you at this point, as we have tried every way possible.

We hope you see the value in our community too. The debate is May 26, 2022, in Toronto for your convenience.

Jason Maclennan
North Bay Pride