Deserve better

Dear editor:
Rainycrest has been closed to admissions since February, 2018 due to non-compliance with health and safety issues, as well as unmet staffing requirements.
This has resulted in more than 25 Rainy River District seniors being warehoused in La Verendrye Hospital waiting for admission. As such, they are unable to participate in a spectrum of programs offered at Rainycrest and settle into their new home.
These seniors also are occupying hospital beds much-needed by other residents of the town and district. The hospital is so full that some people are being kept in medical facilities in Thunder Bay waiting for a bed to open first in La Verendrye and then Rainycrest.
This situation needs to be resolved.
It has become very personal for our family. After having a stroke in August, our mother is now in limbo at St. Joseph’s Rehabilitation Hospital in Thunder Bay. She completed her therapy on Oct. 9 but has now waited four weeks to return to La Verendrye Hospital to transition to Rainycrest.
At a time of limited mobility and vulnerability, our mother is being kept away from her many family and friends living in Fort Frances. Mother is a trooper but feels sad without her emotional and social supports.
Fort Frances has been our mother’s home for her entire 92 years of life. During that time, she volunteered at the hospital auxiliary for more than 50 years and contributed to her town in numerous other ways throughout her life.
She deserves better. The people in Rainy River District deserve better.
People in the Fort have been more than patient awaiting corrective measures at Rainycrest. We encourage citizens to contact your MPP, Greg Rickford, administration at Riverside Health Care, and district leaders to let them know this situation needs swift rectification.
Les Kerr, Susan Kerr,
and David Kerr
(Formerly of
Fort Frances, Ont.)