Decisions coming

Dear sir:
The Northwest Ontario Recycle Association (NORA) has been, and still is, looked upon as a model program by recycling groups such as the Association of Municipal Recycling Co-ordinators and Corporations Supporting Recycling.
Recent news reports and statements by municipal officials undoubtedly have raised uncertainty in the minds of the public about the future of recycling in the region. Therefore, it is essential that we clarify the present status of the association and its operations, and provide some indication of what the future may hold.
Faced with a mounting debt due to a number of factors, including the failure of the province to enact legislation to require the soft drink industry or other industries to contribute funds to offset the cost of recycling, NORA was forced to raise its per capita levy by 70 percent.
This prompted the majority of the participating municipalities to serve notice of their intent to withdraw from the association. Clearly, this has produced uncertainty as to the future of NORA, and of recycling.
For the present, NORA is continuing to provide recycling service and will do so at least until June 30 of this year. Decisions are yet to be made as to what service will be provided after June 30, to which municipalities or communities, and by whom.
These decisions will be made by June 30 and the public will be advised accordingly.
Over the years, the recycling program has been highly successful and has enjoyed a tremendous level of public support. Recycling programs are required, by law, in municipalities with a population of more than 5,000. As importantly, they are demanded by the public.
We need to do some housekeeping things, but the concept of municipalities working together and sharing costs equitably has served well in the past—and will continue to do so in the future.
Recycling services must, and will, continue to June 30, 2002 and beyond.
Dennis Brown,
Chairman, Northwest
Ontario Recycle Assoc.