Dangerous hill

Dear Mike:
We would like to make people, parents of young children in particular, aware of the dangers of sliding near the water tower in the west end of town.
This past Saturday, our three-year-old son nearly slid into the river, stopping only a couple of feet away on the thin ice.
While tragedy was avoided in this situation, it is our hope that children and their parents exercise caution when sliding there. We have asked the Public Works Department to consider putting up snow fencing in order to help children enjoy this winter pastime in a safer manner.
We also would like to take this opportunity to thank all those at the scene for their assistance and willingness to help. A special thank you to Ernie, Dane, Pam, and Dave.
Also, we are very grateful to the members of the Fort Frances Fire and Rescue for their excellent response time, especially Rod and Greg. And to all EMS personnel who came to our assistance, thank you for your kindness and compassion.
Hopefully, events like this can be avoided in the future and we can all safely enjoy our favorite winter activities, whatever they may be.
Ray & Heather Herbert