Danger zone

Dear Mr. Editor:
I have come back several times on foot back into Fort Frances since they opened the new Customs facility on our side of the border.
I am writing to comment on how another set of lights is so needed for the safety of those pedestrians, such as myself, who might happen to be walking back across, especially when it is getting dark out, because the walkway ends where the old Customs facility was and now there is a danger zone.
What I am referring to is the one-block radius where we, as pedestrians, have to walk right in line with the traffic. It puts pedestrians at risk of getting hit by a truck, or other such vehicles that cross over regularly.
Usually I go over by bicycle, but as we had another cold spell recently, and I had to take into the shop, I haven’t ridden it this week.
I just pray something is done in this matter before someone is run over because of there not being proper lights set up.
I can assure the Customs officers on our side I have spoken to regarding this situation all agree with me, and have said it is unsafe as well.
Yours sincerely,
Anne M. Johnstone