Dairy products tops

To the editor:
On behalf of the dairy producers of Rainy River District, I would like to thank Al Lowe for his article on dairy cattle in the Jan. 25 issue of the Fort Frances Times.
I would like to provide additional information for the public to reflect on about the dairy industry in the district.
The 12 dairy farms in the area produced about 3.5 million litres of milk and generated about 2.7 million dollars in sales for the district economy in 2005. On average, each dairy farm generates six-seven additional employment opportunities in the form of transportation, processing, wholesale, retail, and service.
Milk is one of the most quality-tested foods which passes through several checkpoints along the way from producer to consumer, ensuring a safe and pure product.
What bewilders me are the statements people make regarding the quality of our milk, such as “milk is full of hormones, additives, and antibiotics.” Milk is screened at the farm for proper handling and is tested at dairy plants for antibiotics and bacteria.
Hormone use in dairy cattle is prohibited in Canada. The sophisticated testing that is done ensures nothing other than pure and safe product reaches the consumer.
Thanks for your article, Al, and everyone enjoy your dairy milk, cheese, yogurts, and creams at least three times a day.
Bernie Zimmerman
Dairy producer