Crown Forest Sustainability Act

Dear editor,

The Crown Forest Sustainability Act ( CFSA ) 26(3) the Minister shall conduct a review every 5 years to ensure the Licensee has complied with the terms and conditions of the licence.

26(4) of the CFSA if the review conducted under subsection 26(3) satisfies the Minister that the Licensee has complied with the terms and conditions of the licence the Minister shall,

With the approval of the Lieutenant Governor of Council extend the term of the licence for five years.

The Order in Council 2326/2017 is quite significant in terms of the application of subsection 26(3) and 26(4) and the implications to the term of the Crossroute Sustainable

Forest Licence #542245. The “ Crossroute Forest Independent Forest Audit April 1, 2007-March 31,2012 Final Report”, the latter of the two reports identified in this Order, extend the term

of the Crossroute Sustainable Forest Licence #542245 for another 5 years; from March 31, 2012 to March 31 2017.

The MNRF in its representation to the Lieutenant Governor in Council indicate the Crossroute Forest SFL…”expires on March 31, 2022;”. Therefore there must be, according to 26(3) and 26(4),

an Independent Forest Audit  April 1, 2012 –March 31, 2017 Report that recommends the extension of the expiry date of this Licence from April 1,2017 – March 31, 2022.

The Audit page of the Boundary Waters Forest Management Corp.’s web site indicate an Independent Forest Audit took place on the former Crossroute Forest in 2017 and once the report

becomes public will be available online. A link to the Independent Forest Audit Reports is provided. This link is to the MNRF web site and to the Crossroute Independent Forest Audit Report

April 1,2007 – March 31, 2012,  not the 2017 IFA referenced on the company’s site.

In the absence of this five year review the Crossroute Sustainable Forest Licence # 542245 expired on March 31, 2017. If this report exists why was it not tendered in the representations to the Lieutenant Governor

In Council? Further, any activity related to harvested forest resources from the Crossroute Forest after March 31, 2017 were not sanctioned by a Sustainable Forest Licence.

Thank you,
David Kircher