Crossing concerns

Alexander Lee Forbes

Dear editor:
My name is Alexander Lee Forbes (age 13). I live on the north side of the train tracks and I go to school at Robert Moore.
Although there are buses available, I like to walk and so do some of my friends and neighbours because some people don’t have cars.
The issue I’d like to address to members of town council is about crossing the tracks. There is a location where Armit Avenue meets the train tracks that would be convenient for a centralized crossing.
Currently, the only places to legally cross the tracks are at McIrvine Road, via the under pass, and on the overpass.
During construction of the underpass, it was dangerous to go on the sidewalk and there was no other legal way to cross the tracks, especially if parents would not let their kids walk through the underpass.
So I pose this question: what to do? Do you cross the tracks and pay a fine for crossing? Do you risk getting hurt? A lot of parents are worrying about these facts.
It is illegal to cross at Armit and Victoria but with a few modifications, it could be a convenient place to cross, indeed. Victoria could be the driving location and Armit could be the walking location.
You may say, “Oh, the underpass is right next to it,” but what if there was an accident that blocks the underpass? Or you broke an arm and can’t drive to McIrvine Road (remember the underpass is closed).
I know there’s a lot of counters to this letter, but we could put a time zone for trains and crossing on so there are no accidents.
Alexander Lee Forbes
Fort Frances, Ont.