Criticism off base

Dear sir:
The fish that were served at the Manitou Rapids fish fry last month weren’t caught during the spawning run (“Missed Point,” Letters to the Editor, F.F. Times, June 1, 2005).
Walleye tournaments, local recreation and food fishers, the tourist industry, commercial fishing, the consuming public, the timber industry, the agricultural industry, and others all put pressure on the fishery; yet the only identifiable resource user group, as far as I know, which is actively working towards improving habitat, is criticized.
In his talk at the ManOMin conference earlier this year, Gord Pyzer predicted the local walleye fishery would be finished in 10 years. He also said it didn’t have to be that way.
As per the call from the conference, I hope Mr. Kielczewski joins others who wish to find a thoughtful and mutually-respectful way forward in sustaining the natural bounty of the Rainy River District.
Otherwise, it will be gone.
Yours truly,
Rick Neilson
Stratton, Ont.