COVIDelivery a team effort

Dear editor,

Last week I was both surprised and humbled to receive a special recognition for the 2020 Citizen of the Year Award. Thank you to the Mayor, Council, and my nominators for considering me. In this letter I would like to add some details about the organization I was a part of during the spring lockdown.

In March, I noticed many different posts on Facebook offering help to deliver groceries to at-risk members of the community. With school and my workplace closed, I had the free time and tools necessary to create a service that helped organize and connect volunteers to those in need of essential items. Support from the community came astoundingly quick and as orders and volunteers rapidly began to climb, it became a little overwhelming for myself to handle. Lisa Brockie and Julia McManaman decided to take roles in organizing the group. Lisa took a great deal of phone calls and they both helped facilitate and complete orders. With their assistance, we were able to reach out further and complete many more deliveries.

By July, our group of 30 volunteers had completed over 100 orders. I believe all these volunteers deserve great recognition for their efforts. Their names are Anne Wielinga, Ashley Croswell, Betty Bazinet, Dannette Allan, Grace Petsnick, Ian McKay, Janine Cousineau, Joanna Ogden, Julia McManaman, Kathy Bois, Keyleigh Speirs, Leo Korosec, Lincoln Dunn, Lindsay Dixon, Lisa Brockie, Melissa Pearson, Michele Caron-Crampton, Michelle Elias, Mike Barlow, Rebecca Louise, Robert Wade-Perusse, Robin Stearns, Shawn Woodgate, Susan Carmody, Tonua Newham DeGagne, Tyler Hamm, and Wendy Crans.

Once again, thank you to our amazing community for the support and for recognizing the efforts of “RRD COVIDelivery.”

Ray Calder