Coverage appropriate

Jack Elliott

Dear Mr. Editor:
It is indeed a tragedy when anyone is injured or loses their life in an accident like Mr. Hyatt did recently, but to suggest that the coverage of it was inappropriate or “salacious” is in itself inappropriate.
Anyone who has ever had to cover a “bad news” story appreciates how difficult and unpleasant the task is.
On the positive side, by undertaking open, honest coverage of such events, perhaps it will, in some small way, help prevent more occurrences of similar terrible accidents.
To cover ones eyes and pretend these events never happened is doing a disservice not only to one’s self but to the community as a whole, as well as the news media you trust to be open and honest.
Without graphic accounts of atrocities across the world, we would not be able to react and condemn them.
It is no different when it is in our own neighbourhood, whether it is a tragic loss of life like this, or a drunk driver slaughtering innocents, or a child hit at a crosswalk, or a sexual assault, or a hunting accident.
We need to know the facts to keep ourselves grounded in reality.
Thank you to your staff for providing honest, open coverage.
Yours truly,
Jack Elliott
(retired reporter)