Costly theft

Dear sir:
This letter is addressed to the person or persons responsible for the theft of my black nylon wallet containing $1,200 cash, a certified cheque, and personal documents from the Super 8 Motel in Fort Frances on the afternoon of Thursday, Dec. 12.
I want you to know that the money represented a large portion of my retirement savings and was intended to purchase an antique automobile.
I am a retired person and live on a modest pension, and this loss is very significant. Your action has denied me an opportunity to fulfill a longtime dream.
It was an error on my part to have accidentally left the wallet in an insecure location. Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, but was it your right to take it and not report it to the police or the motel staff?
I have always had good feelings for the kind and friendly citizens of your community and I am sure your action is untypical for the vast majority who live in the community.
You have my money and I hope you have a desperate need for it, and that need was what guided your decision to abandon your common decency and to become a thief.
If I am wrong, then I truly wish that you are haunted as strongly with remorse and shame as I am with depression and loss as a result of your dishonesty.
Dave Kenney
Thunder Bay, Ont.