Costly rules

Dear editor:
To the Town of Fort Frances. Whoever put into place the rules for the subsidized day care spaces, I would like to thank you.
Through your tireless efforts to make sure these spaces are not abused, I will not be able to take my granddaughters on a holiday this year unless I pay you $100 a day for the privilege.
They are allowed three days a month absences; after that, there is a premium that must be paid for each absence day, above and beyond the fee that must be paid for the space so the girls don’t lose their spots.
That premium amounts to $100 per day for the three girls. As such, a two-week holiday will cost $1,000 over and above what my son and his wife have to pay.
Only one question. Who pays $1,000 to spend two weeks at Nana’s house?
Moreen Cox
Thompson, Man.