Dear sir:
We would like to congratulate the La Vallee centennial committee for the super job they did on the celebration. We particularly enjoyed the heritage tour.
The suppers and breakfasts were well-prepared and I thought well-attended. We also enjoyed very much the dance featuring “Legacy (the lead singer was my husband’s niece).
I, myself, enjoyed pitching on our Box Alder baseball school team.
I met so many old friends and classmates, some I recognized, others I didn’t–it was amazing. I even met and talked to one of my old school teachers–very exciting.
I have just finished reading “Connections” and found it to be really amazing, the amount of research and time that went into that book.
Congratulations on a well-planned and highly-researched centennial party!
Dick & Jean Boudreau (Cain)
Winnipeg, Man.