Confusing situation

Dear editor:
On July 1, 2006, my family was travelling to Helliar’s Resort in Nestor Falls on our annual family fishing trip. We, as a family, have been going to Helliar’s since 1982.
I am now 33 and only missed a few years due to military service. In the last year, I have performed consulting work with several concrete companies.
On this particular occasion crossing the border, we were asked to pull aside for a background check. After two-and-a-half hours, I was asked to come into the interrogation room.
I was asked about some legal issues that were resolved in 1995 and 1996. At that point, I was informed that Canada would not permit me to enter their country.
I have been asked for identification numerous times in past crossings and have been allowed to enter Canada every time.
My brother and son from Houston, Tex., brother-in-law and son from Evansville, Ind., and father from Joplin, Mo. travelled thousands of miles for this annual vacation. This situation has ruined a traditional vacation and cost Helliar’s Resort about $3,500 (U.S.)
I understand why border security is tightened up. I have made mistakes in my past. I have handled then in accordance with United States law and have had no legal issues since.
I have found out after the situation that there are several ways to use legal counsel to cross the border. I was never offered any type of help from the authorities.
I do not understand the inconsistency with border authority. I am not a criminal and do not understand why I was not allowed to enter Canada this time but was all the others.
Thank you for your time.
Richard Rhoades, Jr.
2701 W 29th St.
Joplin, MO 64804