Community clinic preferred

Dear sir:
While watching the town council meeting last Monday night (Oct. 24), the question was raised as to why the doctors would not accept the offer to purchase the Fort Frances Clinic from Kim Metke.
The reply from Dr. Algie was this would be “a conflict of interest.” Later on, Dr. Elaine said “Maybe we should have a foundation.”
When “Care Close to Home” was launched, the whole district raised a great deal of money for this project. Could the same not be done to save the clinic?
This way, town council would not have to pay $24,000 in interest.
The people of Fort Frances always have been very generous, and this way the clinic would be owned by the community.
If enough money could be raised to purchase the clinic, then it could change its name to Fort Frances Community Clinic.
We cannot expect young doctors to have to buy into a practise. We must move forward.
M. Blair-Leighton
Fort Frances, Ont.